Heavy Trucks Are Common, And So Are Collisions

Tractor-trailers, logging trucks and other heavy trucks seem to rule the road in West Virginia. Everywhere you look, these massive vehicles are transporting materials from one place to another. Unfortunately, trucking accidents are also all too common.

At the Charleston law firm of Romano & Associates, PLLC, we represent injury victims and their families across the Mountain State. Whether you were harmed in a collision with a coal truck, run off the road by a semi or sideswiped by a construction vehicle, we are here to take care of all the legal details for you.

Will You Have The Money You Need To Cover The Damages?

A truck crash can cause disabilities that last for a long time. If you need surgery or physical therapy, for instance, it may take you weeks, months or even many years to recover. Getting enough financial compensation to cover all the damages can mean the difference between just getting by and recovering fully.

Ensure that all your needs will be taken into account by consulting our knowledgeable truck accident attorneys. Our lawyers have the decades of experience you need to protect your rights and pursue the full compensation you may deserve for:

  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitative costs
  • Emotional trauma
  • Vehicle damages
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Current and future care
  • Diminished work ability

What Causes So Many Trucking Accidents?

Truck drivers are supposed to take extreme caution when operating their vehicles. However, sometimes drivers are negligent. They may:

  • Disobey highway and traffic safety laws
  • Speed or drive recklessly
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Drive too many hours in a row, resulting in fatigue and inattention
  • Overload or improperly load trucks
  • Misjudge stopping distance

How well a transportation company maintains its equipment can be another factor in accident cases. Fleets of trucks may not always be properly managed. Sometimes, repair records show that a company failed to properly fix mechanical problems that later led to crashes.

Whether your accident was the fault of the driver or the company, give Romano & Associates a call. We will fully investigate the incident and help you seek full and fair compensation.

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