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When commercial truckers are distracted

Just as you may find yourself distracted by ringing phones, roadside accidents, billboards and food, so, too, are those at the helm of today’s commercial trucks. Because of the sheer size and weight of these vehicles, however, the repercussions associated with driving large trucks while distracted can prove quite considerable.

While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration establishes guidelines meant to enhance safety on the roadway for you and other motorists traveling near semi-trucks, today’s truckers do not always follow these distracted driving guidelines. Regrettably, the results sometimes prove deadly.  

3 common causes of logging truck accidents

The timber harvesting industry is prominent in West Virginia. It is not uncommon to see logging trucks driving down the highway. Due to the sheer weight, size and unique loads of logging trucks, accidents involving them can have catastrophic consequences.

Improperly loaded trucks, poor maintenance and driver error are some of the most common causes of logging truck collisions. Keep reading to learn more about why these accidents happen.

How big a problem is truck driver fatigue?

Did you have a close call with an 18-wheeler? Were you almost forced off the road by a semi-tractor trailer that drifted into your lane? Most truckers are responsible drivers, but they work long hours and are always subject to fatigue. That drowsy feeling is insidious; it can creep up and take over in seconds, creating a hazardous situation for the trucker and any other vehicles nearby, including yours.

Tips on how to prevent your guests from driving drunk

When you invite people to your home for a social occasion that includes alcoholic drinks, your first consideration should be their safety, especially where driving is concerned once the party is over. As the host, you want to pay attention to the quantity of alcohol your guests consume and how it affects them. Some people can put away several drinks without appearing to be intoxicated, but the fact is that alcohol absorbed into the body's bloodstream constitutes a potential problem in terms of driving. With this in mind, there are several steps you can take to help prevent your guests from drinking and driving.

Poor construction safety procedures put owners at risk

Although profit is the focus in all construction projects, safety at the jobsite is critical. The possibility of risks to employees, tenants or visitors must be top of mind for the owner who, in turn, wants to feel comfortable placing trust in the contractors who have been hired. Comprehensive safety programs should be in place, and both owners and contractors should carry liability coverage. However, the owner may be left open to general liability or property damage claims if he or she has not demanded that the proper safety programs be instituted.

4 ways to improve your visibility as a motorcycle rider

From traveling in the blind spot of the car next to you to being practically invisible after dark, you confront safety issues whenever you take your motorcycle out for a spin. As a biker, much of your concentration is directed toward watching the road and looking for possible hazards. However, because it is also very important for you to be observed by other motorists, here are four things you can do that will help drivers see you more clearly.

How to handle a road rage situation

You have probably seen your share of aggressive drivers. There seems to be a lot of tension on our roads and highways, and some of it escalates into road rage, a term that was coined by a Los Angeles television station following a string of freeway shootings. You may be surprised to learn that you might be capable of experiencing road rage yourself or causing other drivers to feel this kind of angst.

Hit by a truck in West Virginia?

A car driver doesn't have to be behind the wheel long in West Virginia before they come across a coal truck, a logging truck or the standard 18-wheeler. In early October, Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Joe Heck pulled over to help with the aftermath of a truck crossing the median and creating a multi-car crash that left one man dead. Minus the politicians helping, we see or hear stories like this all the time and they often have a sad ending.

Whereas a crash with another car will likely be two drivers in similar size vehicles, the fact is that trucks open a whole host of issues, not the least of which is that trucks are usually moving at highway speed, can be 20-30 times bigger than a car and need twice the length of road to stop.

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