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Drunk driving statistics paint a bleak picture

As a careful driver, you know how important it is to avoid alcohol before getting behind the wheel of your vehicle. Sadly, other drivers in West Virginia do not take the dangers of drunk driving as seriously as you do. So even if you do your best to practice safe driving habits, you are still at the mercy of other drivers.

Drunk drivers are second only to distracted drivers when it comes to the number of car accidents they cause. However, drunk driving accidents are the most deadly of all collisions. In 2017 alone, drunk driving caused 22% of the approximate 56,000 fatalities that year. Of those, 2,000 involved drivers who were impaired but below the legal limit.

How air bags may save your life in a car accident

There are numerous safety features in cars designed to minimize injuries and save lives in the event of a crash. One of those features is air bags, which are bags that inflate upon impact that can cushion any blow that a vehicle occupant may experience. Though air bags have saved countless lives since their installation in most vehicles, it is important to understand how to use them properly.

Some people assume that if their car is equipped with air bags, they do not have to wear seat belts. However, air bags are meant to work in conjunction with safety belts in the event of a car accident. Perhaps you or someone you know here in West Virginia is still alive today because of an air bag. If you've ever wondered just how air bags work and why they are an important safety feature, here are some basic facts.

Common misconceptions about drowsy driving

Most people understand just how dangerous it can be to drive while sleepy. A drowsy driver has a significantly higher chance of causing a car crash than a fully alert driver. However, some people may not think that they, themselves, are at risk of having a drowsy driving accident.

The reality is that anyone in West Virginia may be at risk of a car accident due to drowsy driving. Still, several misconceptions persist about the facts around these types of crashes. If you want to know how to protect yourself and your family, read on to dispel some of the more commonly held beliefs

A fatal trucking accident can change everything

Large tractor-trailers are necessary for transporting consumer products all over the country, but it can be unnerving to share the road with them. You probably understand just how big these trucks seem when driving right next to one. That bit of fear you feel when one is nearby is not unfounded, either. Being involved in a trucking accident can easily be fatal.

It is also difficult -- if not impossible -- to totally avoid large trucks in West Virginia. Trucks transport around 70% of America's freight, which means there are plenty of these vehicles on the road at almost every point of the day. However, you are most likely to encounter a fatal trucking accident on weekday afternoons.

Ways to avoid a car accident with a drunk driver

Many people drink alcohol as a way to celebrate or to unwind after a long day. When people handle the consumption of alcohol responsibly, it can be a pleasant addition to other activities. Unfortunately, people don't always adhere to safety guidelines.

If you've ever encountered a possibly drunk driver on the road here in West Virginia, you know how scary that can be. You may have wondered if there is any way to protect yourself from getting into a car accident with an intoxicated driver. While no foolproof solution exists, experts have tips that you and your loved ones can use to decrease the chances of that happening.

Was the Virginia driver who hit you distracted at the time?

Navigating West Virginia roadways can be challenging. In fact, you've likely had moments while driving where you wished you were just about anywhere other than trying to safely maneuver through traffic to reach your desired destination. Aggressive drivers make travel time all the more stressful. Distracted drivers, as well, increase the danger risk and chances of you being involved in a collision.

Avoiding distraction at the wheel isn't always easy. If you have one or more passengers in your vehicle, casual conversation or needs of children in the backseat can quickly take your focus away from the task at hand. As a skilled and experienced driver, you understand the importance of remaining alert, cautious and focused every time you get behind the wheel.

Various types of injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents

You come to a halt at a red light and enjoy a sip of coffee as you wait for the traffic signal to turn green. However, when you look into the rearview mirror, you see a pickup truck making its way toward you. And it does not stop. Suddenly, you feel the truck collide with the back of your car, and you start to feel pain as a result.

Unfortunately, another person's careless driving can cause you to suffer serious harm. Fortunately, though, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries in this situation in West Virginia. Here is a look at some common types of injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

What to do after you have suffered harm in a car crash

You look forward to going shopping on your day off. However, you see a motor vehicle approach you, and all of a sudden, it strikes the side of your car. The actions of a careless driver have suddenly cut your shopping trip short.

Unfortunately, a negligent driver in West Virginia can cause you to suffer major injuries, in addition to leaving your car with damage.  However, you have the right to seek compensation in civil court for the damages suffered in a motor vehicle wreck that was not your fault. Here is a rundown on what you should do following the crash to protect your best interests financially.

Driving behaviors that inherently increase the chances of a crash

As you travel along West Virginia roads, you might not be fully aware of how the actions and decisions of other drivers nearby could affect your life. While you may consider yourself a safe driver and take every necessary measure to keep danger at bay, you cannot force others to do the same.

Unfortunately, when it comes to driving, negligent behavior can come in a variety of forms and fashions, each of which could place your well-being in harm's way. While understanding the hazards you might encounter out on the open road can be beneficial, a collision could still take place at any given moment.

4 factors that often make rural roads dangerous

Like most of your friends and family members, you probably drive every day. After all, while the state has a variety of advantages, West Virginia does not offer much in the way of public transportation. If you regularly drive on rural roads, you may have an increased chance of sustaining a serious injury in an automobile accident. 

West Virginia has a higher rate of fatal car accidents than virtually all its neighboring states. Certainly, on average, more deadly automobile collisions happen in the state than in the nation as a whole. Part of the reason the state has such alarming car-fatality statistics is its numerous rural roads. Here are four factors that often make these roadways dangerous: 

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