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4 ways to improve your visibility as a motorcycle rider

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2016 | Injuries |

From traveling in the blind spot of the car next to you to being practically invisible after dark, you confront safety issues whenever you take your motorcycle out for a spin. As a biker, much of your concentration is directed toward watching the road and looking for possible hazards. However, because it is also very important for you to be observed by other motorists, here are four things you can do that will help drivers see you more clearly.

1. Add reflective tape

One of the easiest and most economical ways to add visibility to your bike is to use reflective tape. Put it on the front forks and in any area of your bike that is away from a light source. While reflective tape will not be of much benefit during the day, it will make your bike appear to be a much larger object after dark. Consider putting it around your wheel rims. At night, it will help you to be seen from the side, such as when you are at an intersection.


2. Install LED turn signals


LED technology has been very helpful in terms of motorcycle visibility. LEDs last longer than bulbs with filaments, and they are affected less by vibration. They are compact and produce considerable light while using less electric power. LED turn signals are available as plug and play replacements for your existing bulbs. There is also a dual function: When the turn signal is not activated, it produces a bright running light, and when activated, you will see a very bright blinking signal. These LEDs provide a wider lighting profile so that you can be seen better in traffic.


3. Use auxiliary lights


Installing auxiliary lights on your motorcycle will not only provide more light for you to see with after dark, but they also increase the perception of bike size, making you and your motorcycle appear as a larger and certainly more visible object. You can add them to both the front and back and, depending on the type, you can set them to different intensities. Some lights for the back of your bike also have a strobe action that is activated when you stop.


4. Tap your brakes


One safety feature you already have on your motorcycle can be found at the back. When you tap your brakes rapidly, your brake light becomes a large blinker. You may be approaching a hazard up ahead, or an accident scene. The brake-tapping action should warn anyone behind you to pay attention.

Looking for help

As a biker, you should take every precaution while riding and use as much safety equipment as possible, including reflective tape and additional lights. However, if you are ever involved in an accident, remember that an attorney experienced with personal injury cases is a good person to know.

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