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Understanding mining truck accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2017 | Blog |

Mining trucks and other haul trucks are everywhere in West Virginia. When you are driving along Interstates 79, 77 or 64, you likely share the road with mining vehicles with frequency. While this is a normal occurrence, you should also be aware of the potential dangers of driving near these trucks. Due to the sheer weight, size and unique type of loads of these tractor-trailers, any accident can result in severe consequences. 

It is important to know about the risks of these vehicles so you can stay safe and know what to expect. Keep reading to learn about common causes of mining truck crashes and why they occur. 

Training and inspections

Drivers of long-haul trucks must undergo thorough training programs to prepare them for operating these heavy commercial vehicles. These trucks are also subject to regular safety inspections. Mining truck drivers may also be subject to random alcohol or drug tests, as well as limited driving hours. All of these things are set in place to reduce the chances of a collision. 

Top causes of accidents

According to a report published by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there are certain patterns of mining truck accidents. The report states that loss of control is a top contributing factor to vehicle collisions. This occurs when the driver loses control of the truck either through a problem with the intended course of travel or a vehicle error. 

Other causes not mentioned in this report include truck driver fatigue, drugs or alcohol. Mining truck drivers often travel long hours, resulting in overtiredness. Despite the illegalities involved, truck drivers may turn to drugs or alcohol while on the job.

Depending on the exact circumstances of each accident, truck drivers or trucking companies may be liable. Now that you are aware of the details surrounding mining truck safety and accidents, you can drive more carefully around them.

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