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Tips for driving on the West Virginia Turnpike

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2017 | Blog |

West Virginia license plates tout the state as wild and wonderful, and it certainly is, whether you are a local or a tourist. However, driving is one area where you would perhaps prefer to skip the “wild” part. Unfortunately, roads such as the West Virginia Turnpike can be particularly hazardous due to twists and turns, so here is a look at how travelers can stay safe on the turnpike.

Anticipate possible challenges related to the time of year

On summer weekends and during holidays, traffic on the turnpike can be quite heavy. Hopefully, it will not slow you down too much, but it helps to drive more carefully than you normally would. Resist the temptation to glance at your cellphone, and have change for the many tolls ready in advance.

Weather can present another challenge, and because of the nature of the terrain, the weather and road conditions can get bad (or better) in a matter of minutes. One good rule of thumb is to give large vehicles such as tractor-trailers and snowplows plenty of space. Also, your headlights must be on anytime you are using your wipers, per state law. Avoid driving on the turnpike if you know that your wipers, lights, brakes or other parts of your car are experiencing problems. Another tip is to use inside defrosters to help clear windows so that you can see outside better.

At night, drive cautiously as well. There are so many curves and twists on the road that speeding through just one can lead to your car flipping over. The posted speed limits are there to help you, not to crimp your style.

Understand what you are in for

West Virginia is known as “wild and wonderful,” and another nickname for it is the Mountain State. In fact, some people liken the state to a mountain that happens to have roads crossing it. Drivers should be on the lookout for deer and be prepared to have to press down on the gas pedal to make it up a particularly steep incline. In exchange, you get some of the most gorgeous views in the world.

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