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Can a trucker’s lifestyle endanger your life?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Blog |

As you spend a great deal of time on the roads and highways of West Virginia, you probably notice many trucks going about their business. As long you do not encounter an imminent accident risk, you might not give a second thought to sharing the road with one of these large semis. However, what about the typical truck driver lifestyle? Can a trucker’s daily habits create a dangerous situation that you would not know about until it is too late?

As you may know, truck drivers are often on the road for hours at a time. Truck driver fatigue is an issue that has plagued the trucking industry since the beginning. Despite regulations that restrict the number of hours truckers can be behind the wheel before getting some sleep, drowsy driving accounts for a large portion of truck accidents across the country. There are other factors, however, in the average truck driver’s lifestyle that commonly result in collisions or near misses. These may include the following:

  • Long hours of sitting and the lack of physical activity contributing to a decline in a truck driver’s overall health
  • Poor diet that often includes fast food or convenience store snacks, which may result in obesity, diabetes and heart disease
  • Anxiety and depression brought on by long hours of isolation and stress about getting shipments to their destination on time

An unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a wide range of health issues that are dangerous enough on their own. For those whose livelihoods depend on driving across the country, the results can be deadly if a medical emergency arises while a trucker is going 80 miles per hour down the freeway.

In the future, changes in truck driver regulations may reduce your chances of being in a serious crash with a commercial truck. Any time that you are injured through the negligence of a driver or the company that a driver works for, you may consider seeking compensation.

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