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3 tips for driving around logging trucks

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Many car accidents that occur in West Virginia are relatively minor in nature. However, any accident involving a logging truck or any kind of big rig could result in much greater damage. Due to their immense size and weight, a collision between a logging truck and a standard sedan is much more likely to result in injuries or fatalities.

Truck drivers receive extensive training to handle the vehicle properly, but staying safe on the road also means other motorists need to be careful when driving around large trucks. 

1. Stay out of blind spots

Logging trucks have huge blind spots on all sides. The rule to follow is that if a car driver cannot see the trucker in the side mirror, then the trucker cannot see the car. In the event drivers need to pass a big rig, they should always do so on the left-hand side. They also want to get out of the blind spot as soon as possible, so they should not linger as they pass. 

2. Do not merge into the truck’s lane too closely

As a car passes the truck, the driver should avoid getting back into the previous lane too quickly. It takes a longer time to slow down a big rig, so the trucker needs plenty of room to work with. The motorist should wait until there are six car lengths before merging back into the truck’s lane. 

3. Remain patient

Drivers should never tailgate a large truck because the trucker probably will not be able to see them if they are within 30 feet of the back of the truck. They should also be aware that truck drivers will travel slower than other vehicles, so it is best to be patient if there is a lot of traffic and a driver wants to get into the other lane. Motorists should not add more distractions to the road by honking or driving aggressively. 

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