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Who is to blame for logging truck collisions?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Logging trucks are a common sight on West Virginia highways. Most of the time, these vehicles are in good repair and their drivers are alert and competent. However, there are many factors that could increase the risk of deadly accidents.

Some of these risks are beyond anybody’s control. Weather, for example, could diminish highway safety. However, the unfortunate fact is that human negligence is often a factor serious motor vehicle accidents. Here are some of the specific ways in which certain parties could be liable for logging truck accidents on West Virginia’s high-traffic river-valley roadways.


Improperly loading or securing logs is often a major contributor to accidents. Most logging companies follow very specific procedures on how they load their trucks with timber. If someone does not follow these directions, or if the equipment used to tie down the stock is in poor repair, then the people responsible for these oversights could be liable for any injuries the truck caused.


Private roads, public highways and the vehicles that operate on both should all be in reasonably good repair. Usually, there are relatively well-defined terms describing who is responsible for the condition of the roads or trucks that travel them. If one or more of these parties did not do their duty, then the courts may hold them responsible for injuries to other drivers.


Even competent and sober drivers may not be able to perform their duties correctly if they are not alert. Logging or trucking companies that push itineraries and advanced deadlines without regard to the condition of drivers could find themselves spending much more on a personal injury defense or settlement than a simple break or delay would have cost.

Nobody has the ability to control the weather. There is such a thing as an unavoidable accident. However, if something could conceivably be under a person’s control, then there is a chance that negligence was a factor in an auto collision and that compensation is due to injured parties.

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