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2 common types of rear-end accident injuries

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Out of the many types of car accidents that occur on the roads of Charleston, rear-end collisions are the most common. Often, accident victims walk away with few to mild injuries and property damage. However, some people are not so fortunate and end up with serious injuries and trauma. The sudden and jarring impact of rear-end motor vehicle accidents can prove serious and catastrophic for some individuals, causing them to end up with severe physical and emotional trauma. Many accident victims lose their lives. 

The head, neck and back are especially vulnerable in rear-end collisions. Even the slightest amount of trauma to these areas can result in spinal dislocation, traumatic brain damage, herniated discs and other injuries that can take months and years for complete recovery to occur. Some people who sustain severe rear-end collision injuries never make a complete recovery and must deal with the long-term and sometimes permanent consequences of the other party’s negligence or fault. Below is a brief overview of some common injuries that occur in rear-end auto accidents

Broken bones and fractures 

Broken and fractured bones are a byproduct of many types of collisions, especially rear-end collisions. The healing process is not always straightforward especially with multiple bone breaks, breaks or fractures in the same bone and other types of trauma. Complications can arise that prolong healing, such as improper bone fusion, infections and reduced mobility. 

Traumatic brain injuries 

Rear-end accidents often cause the heads of occupants in the front vehicle to whip back and forth unexpectedly, forcing their brains against their skulls. This can cause bruising, swelling and bleeding in the brain and of the spinal cord that exceeds the severity of mild concussions. Traumatic brain injuries are serious, and complications like temporary and permanent paralysis and diminished brain function are common. 

Rear-end accident victims should seek out immediate and follow-up medical care to rule out and identify any potential injuries that require treatment for a better outcome. Medical documentation can also aid in the recovery of personal injury compensation.

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