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What distracts drivers?

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Distracted drivers are dangerous. If a motorist is not paying attention to the roads, you may become a car accident victim. Approximately 1,000 injuries and nine deaths occur every day because of collisions involving distracted drivers. 

Why is inattentive driving so common? Here are some of the most common and dangerous distractions that can result in auto crashes.

Phone use

Of course, everyone knows that using a phone while driving is not a good idea. Texting, making phone calls, using a GPS app or taking a selfie are all common distractions in today’s culture. 

Adjusting controls

It is convenient for vehicles to have climate controls and radios, but they can lead to harm if a driver does not use them properly. A motorist fiddling with these controls may not pay attention to the task of driving. 


Even if a driver avoids distractions, sometimes, it is difficult to control every factor. A friend talking loudly, a baby crying or a dog begging for attention are all examples of how occupants can distract the motorist. 

Food and beverages

It is easier than ever to consume food and drink in a vehicle, but it can be more distracting than people realize. Even though cars have cupholders and it may be convenient to grab a burger via the drive-thru, drivers who eat or drink are not paying adequate attention to driving safely. 


Some drivers in a hurry may shave or put on makeup behind the wheel. Drivers should avoid conducting these morning routines while operating a vehicle. 

Loud music

There is nothing wrong with listening to music while driving. But if it is too loud, it can cause motorists to miss car horns or emergency vehicles. 

If a distracted driver injures you, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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