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Do You Believe That You Are Being Sexually Harassed At Work?

You may be unsure if the treatment you have experienced at work meets the definition of sexual harassment. You may just know that you have been uncomfortable and that boundaries have been crossed which should not have been.

We can help you understand how your case and the abuse you have had to endure fits under the legal protections that are there for you.

Help Starts With A Confidential Conversation

Our lawyers are here to listen. By getting to know the details of your situation, we can determine what the most effective course of action is and begin working to help you.

No one should have to live with sexual harassment in the workplace. We know how to hold employers accountable for sexual harassment.

Whether your case was one of quid pro quo where you were asked to perform sexual acts to keep your job or gain a promotion or one where you had a hostile work environment where coworkers were permitted to make crude jokes, you deserve justice.

Thorough Investigations Are The Key To Success

Strong sexual harassment cases are built on a foundation of thorough investigation. We are skilled at uncovering evidence of individual harassment of patterns in:

  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Discipline
  • Promotion

If you were being harassed on the job, you are most likely not alone. We will find any others and build a complete picture of the abuse you and others suffered.

You Do Not Have To Bear This Burden Alone

At Romano & Associates, PLLC, we are committed to providing people with the help they need when they have suffered sexual harassment on the job. Our extensive experience allows us to conduct revealing investigations and to build strong cases that hold employers accountable for the sexual harassment they have committed or allowed within their business. You deserve a safe workspace and we are here to help you.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys Serving Charleston, West Virginia

For representation that can help you aggressively pursue justice for the harassment you have had to endure at work, turn to Romano & Associates, PLLC. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 304-932-4604 or contact us online.

We only collect attorney’s fees if we secure compensation for you.

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Serving the Charleston area (Kanawha Valley) and Lewisburg area (Greenbrier Valley)

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